About Us


About Us

Peace Global Tech is an innovative software engineering company providing our customers with enterprise-level IT practices and solutions. From web development to CRM enterprise level software and hosting, we are here for your needs and business growth.

Our Goals

Our goal is to let our customers focus on their business and let us take care of the technology. Our customer’s satisfaction is our greatest priority. From the first step of consultation to the finish line of product, we are with our customers to fulfill their needs.

Our Values

Our corporate values are humility, passion, thankfulness, and honesty.


Our team understands the importance of self-awareness. That we have our strengths and weaknesses. We approach our customers with utmost respect and listen attentively to their technological needs. We continuously work hard and grow and ensure that our egos are in check.


Programming is our passion and we are excited to embark on this journey despite the difficulty.


Thankfulness is at the center of our company. We are thankful to God, we are thankful to our customers, we are thankful to our country. Thankfulness is what unites us and help us in our difficulties and challenges. We welcome challenges as we are thankful to learning new lessons and growing stronger.


Honesty is the most important value in our company. Relationships are built upon honesty. We are the God-centric company; we understand that honesty is not only the most important factor in business partnership but also being true to ourselves and our consciousness. We also understand that we have a moral duty and responsibility in this regard.

All Team Members

We're driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun.


Aziz Nabizada

Software Development Manager


Habibullah Turkmen

Software Engineer


Nasim Alizai

Full Stack Developer


Mohammad Ibrahim Hussaini

Full Stack Developer


Obaidullah Ahmadzai

Full Stack Web Developer


Rohullah Hussaini

Full Stack Developer


Abdullah Qasemi

UI/UX Designer & Mobile App Developer


Samim Hamza

Team Lead & Full Stack Developer


Abdul Baser Ebadi

Back-end Specialist


Hashmatullah Hakimi

Sales Associate

So What is Next?

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